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1. Owner of website

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2. Cookies
Cookies are used on most websites these days. Quite often cookies will be essential to deliver a certain service or perform a certain function on the site.

In other situations, cookies are used to improve user friendliness on the website by compiling statistical information on the visitors’ use of the website.

A cookie is a small data file, which the website automatically saves onto your computer or mobile device when you visit

The cookies used on are not harmful, nor can they spread virus or other harmful programs. uses both session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies and are only valid for as long as you are online. As soon as you close your web browser, the session cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies are stored for longer periods of time and will remain on your computer or mobile device until their expiry date. Typically you will be able to access the internet settings of your web browser and see which cookies are stored and for how long they will remain there.

3. DMC Estonia uses the following cookies.
Session cookie – our website uses a session cookie that us useful for login forms.  This means, visitors who do not need to login to our website are not necessarily affected by this cookie.  This type of cookie expires when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookie – our website uses Google Analytics to monitor the traffic and other data when visitors come to our website.  This is useful for us to manage which part of the website needs improvement, which parts are most visited, and how many visitors visited our website.  This cookie is not harmful to users who visit our website.

4. Consent for use of cookies
As stated above, DMC Estonia makes use of cookies on our website in the situations described under item 3.

By entering the website, having been duly advised of the website cookie policy, you are giving your consent to having cookies stored on your IT devices in connection with your visit to and your use of the website.

If you wish to recall your consent to the websites use of cookies, this can be done by changing the settings in your web browser as described below in item 5.

5. How do I remove cookies?
You can always remove unwanted cookies in the internet settings of your web browser. Below find links on how to delete cookies using different web browsers.

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome



6. Why am I informed of the use of cookies on this website?
All European websites are obligated to inform users, which cookies are deposited on the users’ IT devices.

Legislation for Estonian webpages is based on Electronic Communications Act, law RT I 2004, 87, 593of January 1, 2005 and subsequent amendments.This Law implements the relevant articles of the EC Directive on privacy and electronic communications, directive 2002/58/EC, as revised by directive 2009/136/EC. 

The EC Directive states that an informed consent be obtained from the user whenever a website wants to deposit cookies on the users IT devices. Any information provided to the user on the use of cookies on a website must be in compliance with this directive.

You can read the full text of the Estonian law here (only in Estonian)

If you have any further questions about DMC Estonia's use of cookies on the website, you may contact us at (+ 46) 8 673 72 00 or write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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