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Cruising to Estonia

The number of cruise tourists coming to Estonia is increasing every year. On some days during high season, there are more tourists than locals in the Old Town. For Tallinn citizens cruise tourists mark the beginning of spring. The sight of a lost tourist holding the map upside down in his hand and trying to find his way back to the port from the Town Hall Square is not a rare one. The locals kindly point them in the right direction. It is only about a kilometer from the city center to the port.

As the tourists sit on the terrace of romantic cafes, enjoying the first warm sunrays of the spring, the locals might experience some jealousy because they have to go about their daily life. The history, contemporary architecture and modern outlook certainly create a unique atmosphere in Tallinn.

Estonia's slogan is „Positively surprising“ and indeed there are many surprises here. You can meet wolves, foxes, wild boars and even bears in the forest. Autumn is a good time for bird watchers as hundreds of thousands of birds migrate to our shores.

In addition to Tallinn, we offer tourists a chance to visit the ancient and quaint towns of Rakvere and Haapsalu. Haapsalu is a resort town that was highly appreciated by the Russian czars who liked to spend their summer holidays there.

Rakvere boasts a 13th century castle which showcases the medieval lifestyle and offers different entertainment options and activities.

Lahemaa National Park with unique nature and wonderful manor houses is a real gift to nature and history lovers.

Although cruise ships stop coming to Estonia at the end of September, a new wave of tourists is expected to arrive already a few weeks before Christmas. Finnish tourists come to the Christmas market on the Town Hall Square to enjoy some mulled wine and buy Christmas presents for their friends. It was here in Tallinn that the first Christmas tree in Europe was put up in 1441 by the Brotherhood of Blackheads – 50 years before Columbus discovered America. Every winter we greet more and more Russian tourists who come here for the New Year's Eve party.

And so, it is not surprising that the cruise ship terminal keeps on growing and growing....Welcome to Tallinn – DMC Estonia will make your stay memorable and comfortable!